Mom's in the hospital for an planned surgery.

My mom's in the hospital today. She had a shadow/spot on some lung scans. It didn't hit as cancer, but they decided to remove that lobe of the lung just in case while she's healthy. Not a tumor but a fungal infection. She's in ICU tonight after they had to collapse the lung to work on it.

My brother and I might go down tonight. Good thoughts are appreciated.

Retro Review: Challenge of the Superfriends

Hey. Sunday morning and I was up wit hthe kids, trying to let the wife sleep in a bit so I popped in my DVDs of Challenge of the Superfriends: The First Season.

I laughed at the wonderfull cheezy-ness and amazed as the kids kept asking for more. It's so bad it's good, I guess, but then we got to the third episode called "The World's Deadliest Game" and I found I just had to get something out of my system.

In this episode, Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman are out by the moon so the Legion of Doom launch their plan (from the flawless mind of Brainiac) to...I don't know divide and conquer? It goes as such:

Brainiac hides the Earth with a handheld "cloaking device that can make the Earth vanish" and then Toyman uses a fake distress signal to lead them into deep space to his "Toy Planet." First, handheld device capable of making the planet vanish? Second, if you have a planet already, why in the world do you want this one? That's actually answered later in a way.

Then, the Riddler sends the others on a wild goose chase so they don't find the others...except he's the Riddler and you know at some point he's going to give it all away.

These just seem like three different ideas that don't really need to go together.

So, it turns out that Toyman's Toy Planet is in the middle of a collapsing black hole. So THAT'S why he doesn't just live there. Once the three superfriends enter the black hole (thank you 2001 for the effects idea) they're trapped inside where they'll be completely distracted by the giant pinball machine, giant doll house, etc. Wonder Woman's "insticts" tell her it's Toy Man. Really?

The Riddler sends the other to places like the Grand Canyon where they try to trap them in a cave in. Then off to a planet where space amazons try to turn them to stone. Then he points them right to the black hole. Where Superman and Green Lantern extract the others by some wierd merging effect.

Back on Earth, the villians have claimed they've captured the Superfriends and if the world wants them back, they need to send all the money in their treasury. Which they do. What? You actually believe them? But that's okay because while the bad guys are doing the Uncle Scrooge backstroke, the Superfriends arrive and stop the celebration.

But then the bad guys use the cloaking device on themselves because invisible bad guys are impossible to catch and they escape!

And don't get me started on the time travel in the next episode.

Belated Goodbye to Coco

I watched the last episode of Conan the Destoryer's Late Show last night. Very nice exit, having fun the whole way through. I had seen the night before with Robin Williams and I don't know that anything could top his drunken Irish dancing song. Stever Carrell doing the exit interview with Conan was hilarious though. There's just one more thing about the last show though.

Will Farrell is a complete asshole.

Seriously, he comes on in one of his 'characters' named Will Farrell and does a LOUSY job at singing and then in the end, falls back on the cowbell and mugging for the camera. Seriously? It's the last 10 minutes of this guy's dream job and your're actually dancing in front of the cameras and making out with the blonde chick? This is your homage to Conan? Your goodbye? What about our goodbye? Sure, Conan picked up a guitar and was obviously having fun, but every time they went in for a close up on Conan, Farrel's drunk ass paraded directly in front of that camera. Even though he had one of his own, he kept wandering in front of all the others. I know this is his kind of comedy and frat-boys around the world were probably dancing along with him, but that's great for your own show. Not now, not here. Have some respect.
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Is this a return to the old habits?

I wrote over 1,200 words tonight. It's the beginning of the Psychic kid book. YA Urban Paranormal! Another bandwagon to jump on! :p

Seriously, though, I just kept going, putting one word, one thought in front of the other and bam! Five pages.

I'm not breaking out the word count widget just yet, and I'm not sure to consider this Monday or Tuesday wordcount. (normally I go with this is still today, even though it's tomorrow) Still, it's more words than I've put down in a long time.

Here's a late night attempt at a short pitch.

Wil comes from a long time of psychics and mediums, which is to say con-men and frauds. Wil, however is gifted with the real thing. The down side is his spirit guide is a Chihuahua that lived as a Prince of the Aztecs. But when Wil's brother accidentally disturbs some local spirits, it's up to the black sheep of the family to set things right and save the town.

I have prayed at the altar of the Rat God.

Took the boy and girl to a birthday yesterday at Chuck E. Cheese. Don't worry, at this point in parenthood, I've been exposed to so much video game driven cacophany that I've learned the tricks. This was a difference CEC (as the videos on stage called it) than we'd been to before. Older, much smaller, and dissapointing in its ticket production. Our normal haunt has these "Jackpot" machines as the girl calls them. You normally just have to hit a button when the light passes through the right spot to get the progressive jackpot of tickets. Suddenly you go from 10-20 for nearly getting it right to getting 200+ tickets. It's what I normally do while the little(r) ones are occupying themselves. In the end, I usually make a lot more in tickets than the kids so we can pass by the 10-ticket items that aren't enough to go into a quarter machine.

The worst part of this older, smaller venue, though was the "show". The animatronic nightmare from my youth. I really, really don't think that they've changed them at all since they were installed. I don't think they really even cleaned them all that often. It was frightening.

And we're back!!!

I've been over on my other LJ name for a long time, but I still never posted that much. I've decided that it's been long enough and I'm not going to let the terrorists....I mean internet stalkers win! Besides, I'm not as interesting as I was when someone tracked my private online life down. My email is my Flickr ID is Cat Juggling and and I've decided that my LJ should be CatJuggling once more! You hear that internet stalkers! You can't scare me!

More updates to come soon.

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I'm gonna get innna trouble...

I just pre-ordered City of Villians through GameStop. They sent me an offer for free overnight shipping. I even went ahead and got the Collector's Edition for the extra $20.

I did not tell the wife first. Last we talked about it she said, "I'm concerned you're going to get sucked back in like you did with the other one (CoH) and not get anything done." A valid concern, but after playing in the beta a lot, I don't see myself getting as sucked in.

One thing that might save me is that I used my credit card that just gave me a $2000 credit limit (for no apparent reason) so it's not like I'm actually spending the money NOW. :p

But money's not really the point, huh?

Gotta get back to writing.