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Who needs sleep?

Despite being up well past a smart bedtime, I'm certain that the past couple of nights are not medication based. I can say with certainty that if I had turned in around 10pm, I'd have slept. Of course, C-pap machines are pretty good for that once you're used to them.

The scale is out of batteries and it takes some flat-round ones so I don't know that I'll be replacing them soon. I've considered using Wii Fit, but the living room is small at the moment. I have a feeling I'm losing weight. I know I'm eating less and moving more. It all comes back to what the doc said. "You'll just find yourself doing more."

At this point, I don't think I'll go to three pills. Two has definite effects with (currently) no noticible negatives aside from a little jittery-ness early in the day.

Still haven't written, but I've been hit with inspiration for a LEGO project I might actually finish by the con. Still not making my lunches at night and I really don't know why. I think about it plenty, but it's not on my "just do" list yet. Maybe I'm trying to force myself to come down off the effects. Ah well, as I'm only making lunches for me and the girl-child it's not as much of a time sink in the morning, which is probably the biggest reason I haven't made it priority at night.
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