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Day 5 Eating changes

It used to be, I would bring two smaller lunches to work. I work late morning to mid-evening so my lunch at 2pm isn't a time my body wanted a meal. I'd have a good breakfast, but by about noon, I'd want something to eat. I'd usually make myself two sammiches eat one around noon and one around 4-5. The problem with that is that I was still going home and eating a dinner at 7. Not as much as I used to eat, but I was eating four times and I couldn't really say if they were all that smaller.

For the past few days, I've made it all they way to my lunch. Loss of appetite is a big issue with all of these kind of drugs, but it's not like I'm a growing kid or that I've completely lost it. I think I've lost a degree of eating because it's something else than what I'm doing. Also, did I mention I'm not having caffine cravings? I don't drink coffee, but I can put away soda like water and I was having 2-3 Dr. Pepper rip offs a day for a long while. Thursday I just didn't think about it. I did pick up soda, but I got a root beer instead. Nothing so drastic as my tastebuds not liking it, I still can drink it like water, but I'm not hitting a yawning wall that makes me think "gotta drink some soda". Not a bad thing, certainly, but I'm still not giving it up completely.
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