CatJuggling (catjuggling) wrote,

Day 5

Goal meeting - Ha! Making the first, haven't written anything new, but have been working on lots of Lego sorting for the last minute con build, so trading one hobby for the other I guess. Maybe tonight I'll write some. Still not making lunches the night before, despite being up way too late (see Lego sorting).

Last night's late night was weird. I wasn't wired or jittery, I just had spent the whole day getting cleaning and laundry done and felt like I still owed myself the Lego time I had planned on when I packed up nearly everything on my work desk so I could bag up all the sorted stuff I did and bring in some more stuff to sort. Got started later than expecte (of course, too much to do) but I had to run to the store around 8pm last night and that gave me a second wind to get myself set up. Then I started bagging up stuff out of the sorting boxes and watching stuff on Netflix so I just kept going. Then I realized it was 1:30.

Yet, while I did hit snooze a few extra times this morning, once I was up and showered, I'm not really feeling like I only got 4-5 hours of sleep. Tonight, though, I think I'll make myself go to sleep by 10pm just to be sure.

Lunchtime! (food and hunger are shifting too so I'll post about that later)
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