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Day 4 Postmortem

Well, I took two pills this morning, having taken one the last few days and seen some effect. Today was full of cleaning house, something I'm normally lousy at accomplishing. I tend to find distractions and time wasting activities rather than dive into the "real" stuff. Not so much today.

Specific notes:
1) Actually managed to keep an ear on the laundry. Often we'll go an extra hour or so before either of us thinks "oh, the dryer's finally done, gotta go change loads." but I was totally on top of it.

2) Seeing more of the "just doing it" rather than thinking/talking about it. Of course, this meant I was getting REALLY tired by the evening.

3) OK, if I was so tired, why am I still up? Couple reasons. I took a quick (well, no so much) trip to the store late tonight. That got the blood pumping again. I also turned on the TV to watch while sorting LEGO. Netflix is an evil thing when you've got just one more small sorting box to clear out into longer term storage in bags. I really do think it was the activity over the TV, though. I really, really wanted to get so I could use most of the boxes in the next couple of days at work for sorting.

Finally, I asked Amanda if she was seeing a difference, specifically today. Though most medicines take a while, this one has such an impact, it's three days. Plus, I doubled up this morning so I was wondering about a jump. She declared I wasn't as "whiny" (she hated using the word, but I understood, see above) about cleaning all day. She also noted I've been less impatient with the kids, which is funny because Irritability is a side effect. I had, however, been on my last leg lately with the kids, so this is an improvement.

Other than the sleep thing (which I really should just take control of, even though I love staying up) I think we're seeing some definite positive trends.

I mean, going a whole day at work without a caffinated beverage? (Thursday) That's worth the price of admission right there.

Hrm, a couple yawns, time to get what little sleep I can.
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