September 30th, 2010


Two weeks in

Well, I've gotten pretty used to 40mg each morning at this point. Although by the time of this post it's obviuos I don't feel a need for as much sleep.

I went to my first follow up appointment with my Dr. today and he was pleased to hear that everything seemed to be going positively. Speaking of positive news, I've lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks! I credit the lack of appetite side effect, as well as a lack of need for caffine, which has cut back my soda intake some.

In the end, I think it has settled down to the fact that I'm just getting more done. Little things mostly, like doing dishes or laundry. I think about it, and just do it, which means I can stop thinking about it, which is pretty much the point. I've gotten a little manic with the Lego the last few days, but hey, BrickCon starts tomorrow and I've still got one more story to build. The good news is that it's not a full story, the bad news is that means I'm making it all up myself...which is probably good news too.

Brickcon should be pretty incredible this year. First off, because it's always incredible and gets better every year. Second off, is that events like this have always pushed my stimulation level into that range where I'm running at peak performance. Kinda like my old job managing Pietro's Pizza. Lots of input and stimulation for the brain to soak up meant better brain chemistry. Now, though, I've got the medicine helping with that which means I'm likely looking at a weekend where I can be on top of everything and enjoy myself more. Either way, I'm pretty excited.
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